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Over the course of The Soul Prophecies series I have had numerous interviews, guest blogs and review features. I thought I’d compile a definitive list of all that I can find – though I know there are many more.

I am open for interviews and guest blogs so feel free to contact me if you would like me to contribute to your blogs, podcasts or video channels.

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Literary Titan              - Quantum Messenger

Westwood Books       - Quantum Messenger

Natasha Murray         - Quantum Messenger

Literary Titan              - Lost Frequencies

No Shelf Control         - Lost Frequencies

Yes More Blogs           - Lost Frequencies

Georgia’s Books          - Hidden Variables

Goodreads                  - Anomaly (feel free to ask questions)

The Cosy Dragon         - Anomaly



The Cosy Dragon         - The Power of Knowledge

The Saganist               - Dark Energy and Time

The Psychotic Nerd     - Pennies for Your Dreams

Nerd Girl Review         - The Science in Anomaly

Caitlin Lynagh             - Direct blog feature compilation

No Shelf Control         - Cover reveal for Quantum Messenger




No Shelf Control         - Anomaly

Beyond the Front Cover – Quantum Messenger

Beyond the Front Cover – Lost Frequencies

Rosie Amber               - Quantum Messenger

Literary Titan              - Quantum Messenger

Literary Titan              - Lost Frequencies

Publishing Push          - Quantum Messenger

Yes More Blogs           - Quantum Messenger

Yes More Blogs           - Lost Frequencies

Book Escapes              - Lost Frequencies

NetGalley                    - Quantum Messenger

Nerd Girl Review         - Anomaly

Kristin Ravelle             - Anomaly

Georgia’s Books          - Hidden Variables

Georgia’s Books          - Anomaly

Grant Leishman          - Anomaly

Diminishing Thoughts - Anomaly


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