News Update July 21

It’s been a strange but busy year so far. I’ve written plenty of blogs on my author page and for Diary of a Young Writer

Quantum Messenger has been selling steadily and last week I sold a special-edition NFT eBook version of the book for $100. This is a fascinating new way of selling and collecting eBooks. These are books that you can read and keep or can sell on – possibly for more than you paid for them.

My main character from Quantum Messenger, Apollo, has been busy on Twitter, sharing his observations about human life and time-travel – even documenting it at times.

I am writing a new book. It’s the first since finishing The Soul Prophecies series. It’s a slower process as I’m delving into a completely new mindset with it. It’s challenging but exciting. Hopefully I will have some more news on that within the coming months.

Meanwhile, thank you for all your comments, shares and reviews for my books. They really help. If you would like to be kept up to date with news you can follow me on social media and join my mailing list (for extra news and content).

See you soon.

Take care,