One decision can change everything... even the fate of the world.


The Leto family have unique gifts.

For centuries their ancestors have experienced a higher level of consciousness, beyond both life and time. The family are concerned about one couple whose scientific discoveries are destined to change the world.

However, when Sophia Leto witnesses a murder in a vision from the past, involving a boy at her school, she unwittingly unravels a spiral of dark secrets and hidden emotions.

Determined to catch a killer and save a life, Sophia must use her gifts to identify each individual’s choices, circumstances and pathway through life.

The closer she looks, the more tangled and complicated their lives become and Sophia has to wonder, when does knowledge become too little or too much?

Amazon Ebook link: http://mybook.to/hiddenv

ISBN:                9781789010046

E-ISBN:                 9781789010602

Genre:                  YA Realistic Fantasy


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Hidden Variables is the prequel to Anomaly, telling Sophia’s story.