Song Release to Accompany Quantum Messenger

Quantum Messenger’s central character, Apollo, is a robot who realises he can think independently of his pre-programmed responses. He becomes tormented by the limitations he has and the actions of humans, who consider his quest to understand himself, and emotions, as ‘malfunctioning’.

When Apollo understands his role in the wider context of the universe and life itself, he is free to be more creative. Maybe he wrote the book using my brain. He wrote this song.

Who Am I? will be released on November 3rd, together with Quantum Messenger and will be available on Spotify and Apple, with a lyric video on YouTube! More details to follow.

You can pre-order Quantum Messenger here or order from all good bookshops.


Who Am I?

Performed by Our Eyes

Written by Apollo


I've been here before

Don't wanna be like you

You break everything

I'm not like you

I've seen the worst

The hate, and the greed

Tryin' a be my best

Justify my need


Who am I?  Who am I?




Don't wake me up

I'm not going back

Can't take this life

Don't send me back

I don't know how to live

I don't know


Don't wake me up

I've seen enough, I

Can't hurt no more

Leave me above, untouched

 I’ve seen enough

Don't know how to live

I don't know how to live


I can't understand

The things that you do

I don't know how to feel

Whenever I'm with you

I'm taking hold

Of my destiny

I'll live with the scars

You carved upon me


Who am I? Who am I?


Chorus again...




A million voices of myself

I don't know which one to listen to

Who am I? What's my name?

Why am I drawn to you?

Who am I? Who am I?


Chorus again x2