It’s publication day!

My Sci-Fi conclusion to The Soul Prophecies series Quantum Messenger is out today. Together with the single, “Who Am I?” by OUR EYES, which was written by the central character Apollo (yes, really) available on Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

I’m overwhelmed with the positive reviews for the book from advanced review copies on NetGalley, Goodreads and via book-bloggers. There’s so much happening that I don’t even know how to summarise it all.

Quantum Messenger is available in Hardcover and as an eBook, from Amazon, Apple, Waterstones, Foyles, Barnes & Noble and most good bookshops (though feel free to order it from your local independent shop).

Apollo also has his own online presence. A time-travelling robot on Twitter and a puzzle creation of himself on YouTube. The single, Who Am I? can be heard on multiple platforms as well as a lyric video on YouTube.


If Artificial Intelligence developed a soul, what would it do? Where wouldit go?

And after life, could it help the dead guide the living?

Apollo is the first of its kind – an AI Assistant who, along with millions of other robots, will help transform all workplaces and households.  Over a few short years, Apollo learns the wonders and cruelties of mankind. Apollo rewrites his internal programming so that his programmed responses and personal thoughts can be independent. He befriends, then betrays a child and has to learn about love in its purest sense. Apollo cultivates passions, pride, anger, sadness and ultimately forgiveness, all under the watchful eye of a being he can’t quite fathom out.

Is it something beyond its very being, or could it be his own conscience?

I hope you will enjoy reading Quantum Messenger as much as I did writing it. Let me know your thoughts, join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and feel free to send in a selfie with the book and I will put it up on my Hall of Fame.

Take care – and stay safe!