Newsletter August 2020


I hope you are keeping well during these worrying times.

I thought I’d let you know that my new sci-fi Quantum Messenger is released on November 3rd and is available to pre-order now. You buy get it from Amazon or order through any good bookshop. The release is available on eBook and hardback. 

Quantum messenger concludes The Soul Prophecies series but reads as a stand-alone novel. In fact, it’s probably the best book to read first in the series. I’ve had fun messing around with time (a major theme throughout the series) and mapping the series out hurt my head. I’m proud of the book, it’s my favourite in the series and includes my favourite characters to date. I made a time-lapse video of me drawing Apollo and answering some questions about the book.

I’ve also written a song called Who Am I? which will be released at the same time of the book. It was recorded by an artist Our Eyes featuring Kyle from Auger.

We also have some clever little promotional adventures going on too and if you would like to be involved in it (part includes the uncovering of a mystery) let me know as it would be good to create a little street-team community. I’ll make sure you are rewarded in special exclusive product, which I’ll supply personally (independent of the publisher). 

Finally, if you’ve read Lost Frequencies and/or Another Path, please feel free to review on Amazon or Goodreads as these reviews help bring awareness to the series.

Stay safe. Look after yourself.


Take care, Caitlin.