Into 2021

In years to come, people will whisper the year twenty-twenty as if it were the most malevolent taboo that could be uttered. I’ve been lucky (so far) and eternally grateful that my close friends and family have been spared the trauma of the coronavirus and feel such sadness for all the many who have struggled throughout the year.

I’m pleased I was able to release Quantum Messenger in the year. The marketing ideas the publisher had were scaled back because of the restrictions but I hope, in 2021, we can launch them again. We were still able to have fun releasing a single and setting up a video puzzle for central character Apollo to accompany the book release.

I’ve had many people say to me they don’t want to read Quantum Messenger until they’ve read the previous books in The Soul Prophecies series. However, the book not only reads as a standalone novel, it creates an infinity loop into the first book. Therefore, it is actually the best book to read first.

I have been mapping out and researching a new book, which I plan to write in 2021. This will be my first outing outside The Soul Prophecies series and it’s taken a while to get my head around. The series has occupied my thoughts for the past six years – indeed it is five years this month since Anomaly was released. Where does all the time go?

The paperback edition of Quantum Messenger is pencilled for release in August 2021 – assuming we can get out of the lockdown restrictions by then – and there are some tentative plans afoot for a sponsorship and signing event at this years ComicCon event in November. Hopefully more details will be announced in the summer.

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I wish everybody a safe and pleasantly uneventful 2021.