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It's RELEASE DAY! So much news today, so bear with me.

Anomaly should be available today everywhere, including e-book.

Thank you for all your kind messages this week, I’ve been overwhelmed. I hope that you enjoy the book. It’s been a learning experience for sure and future books should hopefully take less time and I can be more inventive with technique and characterisation for future releases. As many know, this book was personal to me. It’s a book I felt I had to write.

If you do like it, please review/rate on Amazon and Goodreads. The more reviews, the higher the book is featured and more likely to be recommended to other readers of similar genre. Thanks again, everybody, much appreciated.

January 2016 is almost upon us. 30 Days until Anomaly: The Soul Prophecies is released.

The website is up as you can see, and we also have a book page:

I will keep this updated over the course of the next few weeks so keep the page bookmarked and feel free to subscribe to mailing list for regular updates.

I wish you all a happy and successful 2016.

Caitlin x